Prohibited items

Before posting an ad on okidoki, ensure that it does not violate any rules and that its contents are legal and not restricted on the website. By posting an ad you take full responsibility for the lawfulness of its contents and the lawfulness of the transaction.

Possible sanctions for violation of the rules

  • Removal of the ad
  • Temporary suspension of the account
  • Account closure

For single violations, we usually only delete ads that do not meet our requirements. If the situation does not change for the better, we will automatically disable the account for a certain period of time, and upon expiration of such period the account is enabled. In case of regular violations of our rules, we have to ban such accounts.

Prohibited items

  • Alcohol
  • Medical supplies, medicines, narcotic substances
  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Dangerous items and substances
  • Items predisposed for illegal actions
  • Advertising
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, affiliate programs
  • Tobacco items, cigarettes
  • Adult items
  • Goods or services violating the rights of third parties
  • Fuel
  • Identity cards, driver's licenses and government documents
  • Services, labour
  • Human organs and organic remains

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